"Empowering Young Adults to Discover Their Potential!"

Now Offering Life Skills Classes!

Life Skills classes are facilitated by trained instructors and Board members. Young adults ages 17- 21, who are at risk and desire to be  prepared for independent living, are offered the opportunity to learn employment skills, home management, health, recreation, problem-solving and communication skills. A strong emphasis is placed on money management skills. Classes are engaging and interactive. The course materials are based on a curriculum developed by the Peace Corps as a training tool for Youth in Development Volunteers and their counterparts.

For more information or to make a referral to the VOLSkills Program, call (678) 404-0664 email info@visionoflifetlp.org

You make also use the below contact form to request more information or to make a referral.

Class Schedule

Every Friday 5:30 -7:30

Employmentablity  Ready to work .

Location: NICHOLS CENTER 5728 Fairburn Rd.

Some Additional Information ...

There are several categories of Life Skills which include money management/consumer awareness, food management, personal appearance, health, housekeeping, transportation, education planning, job seeking skills, job maintenance skills, emergency and safety skills, community resources, interpersonal skills, legal skills and housing. These trainings are delivered through face to face classroom style teaching and service learning projects.

Community Based Service-Learning is a strategy for young people to acquire, practice and apply needed knowledge, skills, and behaviors. The service itself becomes a means of learning, reinforcing learning and connecting to the community. The research tells us that the best projects have certain steps that, if followed, will result in the outcomes we are seeking. We envision service learning projects that will engage young adults in their communities, in large and small ways, in the “real experiences” young adults tell us they want and need. The participants will learn and practice a wide range of skills that will empower and support them in achieving a more productive future.

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