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Mission Statement: Providing services and supported transitional housing to youth aging out of foster care, homeless or at-risk of homelessness with the goal of preparing them for independent permanent housing and sustainable employment.
Vision Statement: To become Douglasville, Georgia’s first transitional home providing independent living skills, counseling and support to youth who have aged out of the Georgia foster care system, homeless or at-risk of homelessness youth.
Goals and Objectives: The goals of Vision of Life are to: decrease the number of aged out youth, homeless/runaway youth living on the streets, decrease the number of unemployed and under-employed youth, and increase the number of youth employed/trained in sustainable employment.
The objectives of Vision of Life are to: change practices and mindset to improve the dignity of participants by encouraging them to make productive choices. Provide participants with the interpersonal support that will help them solve problems in a manner that is conducive and beneficial to life goals, gain hope and increase their confidence. Provide transitional housing and support programs for youth aging out of foster care, runaway/homeless youth. Provide job training to youth that will lead to sustainable employment.

Vision of Life programs focus on helping youth develop skills that enable them to avoid problem behaviours. This includes developing their cognitive skills, their ability to communicate effectively, and their ability to negotiate resisting problem behaviour.
The traumatic experiences our participants have endured often result in negative patterns of thinking that can be an obstacle to their ability to trust staff and accept help. Traumatized individuals may fear being harmed by others, blame themselves for the trauma, suffer from low self-esteem or shame, and feel helplessness and hopelessness about their future. It is the staff’s job to develop a trusting relationship with each youth and offer non-judgmental and consistent support. When this happens, staff are more likely to be trustworthy, and a cooperative relationship can form, creating the possibility for healing to begin.


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